About us

Merchant Input: Greetings to The Galaxy Brand! I'm Anthony, the CEO of 'The Galaxy Brand' and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you. At 'The Galaxy Brand', we specialize in selling galaxy-themed perfumes and colognes, with plans to expand our range to include other products. It all began with a thought and an idea at the start of 2021. During the pandemic, I utilized my time creatively and wisely. With a background in engineering and IT, I brainstormed about the business venture I wished to pursue. Apart from my existing accomplishments, which I still truly enjoy, I also reached the conclusion that I wanted to establish my own company centered around the theme of galaxies. Ever since I was young, I've always had a deep fascination for anything related to space, stars, galaxies, and NASA. Translating my passion into a bottle, and allowing customers to experience what space might smell like is an incredible feeling. The key to success lies in delivering exceptional quality, and I am committed to ensuring that all our customers have an unparalleled experience when using products from 'The Galaxy Brand'. In the near future, 'The Galaxy Brand' will explore further opportunities and undertake exciting projects to bring joy to our valued customers.